Hello! I'm Simone


I am a sociologist by training and study the production and construction of risk in organizational networks. My work draws from a number of disciplinary traditions, but I specialize in environmental sociology, the sociology of risk, and organizational sociology. I also specialize in qualitative research methods. I am a PhD candidate at CU Boulder, and I am currently finishing up my dissertation on coastal land loss and risk reduction efforts in Louisiana. Please reach out and connect with me via email, and follow me on Twitter: @Simone_Domingue.


My core interest is in organized responses to hazards. I explore how social forces function in organized attempts to “do something” about risk. This research is motivated by the goal of understanding how and why organized attempts to address  hazards (especially slow-moving and insidious environmental hazards) fail, and whether these attempts exacerbate the disparate distribution of resources, power, and hazardous exposures in society. My past research has critically analyzed disaster resilience initiatives as well as federal disaster policy.


This project analyzes risk reduction efforts in Louisiana undertaken by organizations and actors addressing coastal land loss caused by rising sea levels, subsidence, and erosion. This organizational field includes state agencies, federal agencies, coastal stakeholders and community members, restoration non-profits, and research institutions. This project seeks to explain the following empirical puzzle: why have risk reduction efforts done little to challenge pro-industry ideology or to link risk reduction to climate change mitigation, despite individual knowledge of industry’s role in the ecological crisis and despite concern that worsening environmental conditions will result in significant social and cultural trauma?


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