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Hello! I'm Simone


 I am an environmental sociologist and critical scholar of climate adaptation and disaster resilience. I work with communities and partners to disrupt harmful cycles of exclusion and disempowerment contributing to environmental inequalities. I am currently working with collaborators on several projects to assess key drivers of disaster vulnerability, local government capacity, and environmental-related migration along the Gulf Coast. I also work on a number of projects related to coastal restoration and environmental justice politics in Louisiana. Please reach out and connect with me via email, and follow me on Twitter: @Simone_Domingue.


Simone Domingue 
Research Assistant Professor, 
ByWater Institute 
Tulane University




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Research A

My past research has critically analyzed disaster resilience initiatives and federal disaster policy and argues that these measures reproduce social inequalities. 

Selected Articles


  • Domingue, S. “The (In)Dispensability of Environmental Justice Communities: A Case Study of Climate Adaptation Injustices in Coastal Louisiana and Narratives of Resistance.” Environmental Justice. 2021.

  • 2020. Domingue, S., and Wu, H. “Identifying Credible Sources of Available Data.” CONVERGE Extreme Events Research Briefing Sheets Series. Boulder, CO: Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder.

  • Domingue, S. “Who Knows What Comes Tomorrow? A Study of Resilience Discourse, Practice, and Politics in a Post-Disaster Field.” Environmental Sociology. DOI: 10.1080/23251042.2019.1666960.  2019.  

  • Domingue, S. and Emrich, C.T. “Social Vulnerability and Procedural Equity: Exploring the Distribution of Disaster Aid Across U.S. Counties.” American Review of Public Administration. 2019.

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